Jethro Tull, 1972

The Suffolk Journal Review by Joe Viglione

Ok, a little history. I graduated high school in the spring of 1972. I was Features Editor of the Chronicle by that time. Tonight I found a 1971 article (17 years of age) that the school paper under my favorite teacher, Pauline Schiel, published about drugs and doing something about it. Fast forward to my Jethro Tull review in the Suffolk Journal in college in 1972…but in the meantime I did publish music stuff in the Chronicle, reviews of Bloodrock (Capitol Records, managed by Terry Knight) and some brass band that imitated Chicago that played at AHS (Arlington High School). Also got to cover the Maysles Brothers at their Boston debut of GIMME SHELTER. So here’s my first interview, teacher Mrs. Picione before I got to go to the Charles Cinema and have a “roundtable” with the Maysles Brothers.

Then and Now, from humble beginnings with Varulven Magazine at the age of 15, to the Chronicle at Arlington High School at 17, to Suffolk University newspaper at 18 and…voila, national Goldmine and Discoveries (see Jim Kale article) and international

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