History of New England Rock

Joe Viglione on Australian TV show Plastic EP October 15, 2020 7 PM


The late John Kalishes and Susan at the Rat some 45 years or so ago…what happened to this photo? Looks like another photo of the same gig superimposed on it? Notice RAT backwards! (Photo credit Joe Viglione) Here’s a Facebook comment from Tom McGee,
Susan soundman: ” My band, I would have been mixing sound, John Kalishes with his 1965 white Strat, Mick Leland on drums, and Tom Dickie on vocals. Charles Leland on bass would have been on the right of John. John died young in 2000 and was best man at my wedding in 1977 – still married 43 years later! “
Voyager at Boston recording studio across the street from WBCN May 16, 1987
recording for the Massachusetts Hard Rock Heavy Metal Anthology
Photo: Joe Viglione Archives

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