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Welcome to the wonderful psychedelic mystical esoteric world of Joe Viglione…you’ve entered my realm …as my director says “An Encyclopedia Brittanica” or my thoughts, impressions and scribblings which all started in 1969, 51 years ago, in the pages of Varulven Magazine. The photo below is forty years later in 1999 interviewing either Suzanne Vega or Dennis Lehane. Video, audio, the Pop Explosion Radio Show (Gilbert Gottfried audio aired on April 3, 2020 on …) It’s about FUN and Rock History and more…enjoy and you can write me JoeViglione{@}


Joe Viglione  P.O. Box 2392, Woburn, MA 01888



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On Sunday, July 21, 2013, there are 2,205 or so albums/cds with my words of wisdom, reviews etc. on eBay


Joe Viglione’s eBay site “POP EXPLOSION” Items for sale on eBay
Article on Joe V by Ed Symkus
Before learning guitar, writing songs, donning a cape, and taking the stage name The Count, the Somerville native grew up in a home where his parents played records by Gerry Vale and Mario Lanza, and he listened to “Louie Louie” and “Pushin’ Too Hard” on WMEX. The name and the outfit came from his early love of monster movies, and he started a fanzine (1969) and later a record label (1976), both called Varulven (Swedish for werewolf). His band Still – with Jack Daniel and Jack Inza – did their first gig in  1973 at the Coral Reef in Everett. Starting in 1978, Viglione would eventually perform at the Paradise 49 times. He started hosting the Somerville public access show “TV Eye” in 1979, and has been producing and hosting the public access show “Visual Radio” (currently from studios in Winchester) since 1995. Viglione has also made his mark as a record producer, working with dozens of Boston bands including Unnatural Axe, and releasing 20 volumes of “The Boston Rock & Roll Anthology Series.” In 2008, he directed and produced the DVD “Marty Balin Live on the Boston Esplanade.” In 2011, he’s executive producing a Bobby Hebb box set. He has, for years, written music and film reviews. “I’m still doing some composing,” he said. “I have a piano in the house and I have songs in me. But who has time?”
(by Ed Symkus) – See more at:


Hello Everyone, welcome to my brand new site.

First, I apologize for not having this page up and running properly over the past six years.  As many of my friends in Massachusetts know I’ve been working diligently to correct the public access television situation in Medford, Massachusetts.  This means going up to the City Council of Medford almost weekly to bring documents and insight, and rallying the troops so that great programming like Dennis Lehane’s recent visit to Bestsellers in Medford.   A colleague calls me the “public access evangelist” and the Gospel, the good news, is that this essential platform for Freedom of Speech must be protected. It’s the American thing to do.  Visual Radio has launched numerous hosts into access TV, the show generating more content and new hosts than most access TV stations.  It is an accomplishment I am most proud of.   This is my little “Foreword” to the webpage, thus the first person introduction.

dennis lehane joe viglione

Joe Viglione / Dennis Lehane in 1999 West Medford

New 2013 photo May 21, 2013 at Bestsellers in Medford

Joe V lehane



Joe Viglione Dennis Lehane

It isn’t as easy as connecting with the guest and taping and editing, though it should be. The individuals who are paid our franchise fees to help us do access tv have hijacked it, plain and simple.   We are fighting City Hall…and we are winning.  More information as this site updates.

Article on Joe Viglione Cable Access Producer Of The Year, 2010/Winchester, MA

The Official Visual Radio site

Joe Viglione on LINKED IN



Joe Viglione is the producer and director of Marty Balin Live on the Boston Esplanade


The first solo concert/documentary film on the founding member of the Jefferson Airplane distributed worldwide on Music Video Distributors.

Joe was the first album artist signed to Flamingo/Carrere in 1978, Paris, France.

Flamingo evolved to become New Rose Records where Joe released three additional albums, with material on a number of the New Rose compilation albums, photos and tracks to upload here soon.

As A & R for New Rose Records Joe Viglione signed Willie Loco Alexander in 1980 and New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders’ IN COLD BLOOD album, produced by Jimmy Miller.

Joe became Milleri’s exclusive representative and business partner co-producing Buddy Guy with Jimmy including sessions with Nils Lofgren, Genya Ravan, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, Joe Petruzelli and others.

Joe has worked with Randy California and SPIRIT (“I Got a Line on You”), Spanky and Our Gang, engineer Dinky Dawson, Ian Lloyd and Stoires, Gary DeCarlo’s Steam, and many other classic rock and rollers, issuing the “Versace” single for Marty Balin, promoting Spanky & Our Gag’s Back Home Americana, Ian Lloyd’s O-de-Po, editing Spirit’s “Compromise”, promoting MCA artist Evangeline, Alvin Lee with George Harrison and Jon Lord, Rusty Kershaw with Neil Young, John Mooney with Ivan Neville and many, many others.

As founder of Boston’s original rock label, Varulven Records, Joe is one of the pioneers of the Boston “New Wave Scene”, having performed a record 49 times at the Paradise Theagter, opening for Peter Noone and The Tremblers (1980), Black Flag, Pat Travers, Stiv Bators’ Lords of the New Church.

Jodie 2


Jodie Foster and Gilbert Gottfried on Visual Radio

images Copyright (C)2013 Joe Viglione Archives, all rights reserved


As a television host and radio producer (thus “Visual Radio”) Joe has interviewed over 1,000 personalities including Jodie Foster, Ray Manzarek of The Doors, Michael Moore, Robert Zemeckis, Jon Cena, Dennis Lehane, Bill Press of Sirius Satellite Radio, Bobby Hebb, Moulty of The Barbarians, the G Clefs, Danny Klein of the J. Geils Band, Felix Cavaliere of the Rascals, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, John Densmore of The Doors, Robbie Krieger of The Doors, Adrian Perry of Dead Boots (formerly TAB), Mick Taylor of The Rolling Stones, Denny Dias of Steely Dan, Lou Reed of The Velvet Underground, John Cale of The Velvet Underground, Suzanne Vega, Ian Hunter of Mott The Hoople, Steve Holley of McCarney’s Wings/Elton John, Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, Gary Brooker of Procol Harum and hundreds and hundreds of other wonderful individuals who were generous enough to grant us their time and insight.




Joe is  the producer of the upcoming boxed set  PROUD SOUL HERITAGE: The Bobby Hebb / Sunny Anthology Vol. 1.  A 4 disc compilation with liner notes authorized by Bobby’s manager and estate.


Just A Minute


Birds Return

From the film The Salt Water Summers; music by Buzzy Linhart

Joe Viglione won an award for his 60 second film THE BIRDS RETURN funded in part by TV3 Medford.  The interesting thing is that Joe Viglione is the leader spearheading the movement to clean up TV3 in Medford, the public access station.  The station is engaged in harassing former members, which we find unacceptable.  In the most sublime bit of poetic justice, the individuals who have censored the residents of Medford had to pay the fellow fighting for citizens’ rights. Watch the video here



Rob GronkowskiRay Manzarek

Rob Gronkowski of N.E. Patriots, Bob Hyldburgh and Joe Viglione /  Ray Manzarek


Gallagher and Joe Viglione

GallagherBurton 2

Burton Coummings and Joe Viglione

Count JosephCount Joe

Joe in his Dracula cape his Nana created for him wearing the 1973 cape in 2012

Jeanne Archibald photo of Joe Viglione with cape in Somerville 1976

Lifesworkfirst album

LIFESWORK – Joe Viglione Publishing CD 

First LP “I’m A Star” by The Count on Flamingo/Carrere Records 1978

another viewlove and flameIntuitionNew Changes

The original “Another View” EP with Moe Tucker & Joe Viglione

Love and Flame, Joe’s second release in Paris, France                      The Intuition Element – Joe Viglione produced by Jimmy Miller           New Changes – the 4th Count LP Produced by Joe Viglione

bEST OF WILLIE ALEXANDERboxset_frontfront willie alexander 1

Joe Viglione organized and co-produced The Best Of Willie Alexander for New Rose Records remastering “Mass. Ave.”, “Kerouac”, “Hit Her Wid De Axe” and “You Looked So Pretty When” as the master tapes were in North Carolina with the late Stephan Lovelace, the original producer.  Engineer Karen Kane worked on the project with me at Howie Cook’s Euphoria Sound


New Rose Boxed Set pictured above includes myself, Willie Loco, Alex Chilton and dozens of others.


Mick Taylor

Joe Viglione talks to Rolling Stones / Bob Dylan guitarist Mick Taylor in Boston before a show. Taped for Visual Radio.


Cable television host Joseph Viglione launched his Visual Radio Television show nine years ago in Woburn. He has lined up some pretty impressive interviews along the way, which number 300 now and have aired in many local towns. Virgin Airlines founder Richard Branson , singers Judy Collins and Suzanne Vega , performance artist Laurie Anderson , ”Mystic River” author Dennis Lehane


‘Visual Radio’ founder started early

November 9, 2008 Text size – +

Joe Viglione of Medford was just 15 years old in 1969 when he produced his first issue of Varulven, a fan magazine featuring interviews and film and music reviews. A collector of 8mm science fiction and fantasy films, Viglione was also an aspiring filmmaker and musician whose original songs first aired on WBCN-FM when he was 17.

While his magazine is no longer in production, Viglione has since founded a record label by the same name, worked as a radio station programming director, and continued writing about films and the Boston music scene. Locally, however, Viglione may be best known for his public access television show, “Visual Radio,” which is broadcast in 18 towns including Hamilton, Malden, Salem, Wenham, and Winthrop. A weekly segment airs in Manhattan.

Since launching “Visual Radio” in 1995, Viglione has produced more than 400 shows featuring interviews, concerts, and lectures by local authors, politicians, and community activists.

To learn about Visual Radio, visit



Joe has reviews published in these books


all music guide to rockAllMusic Country


There are tons of reviews in the All Music Guide to Country.

Joe’s name is also in All Music Guide, All Music Guide to Electronica, I have not researched to see what review may (or may not) be in Electronica, All Music Guide to Jazz and All Music Guide itself, suffice it to say that I’ve written about 5,000 biographies, book reviews, DVD reviews, film reviews, CD reviews, song reviews as well as a Suzanne Vega interview for Rovi/ from 2000 – 2009.

Joe wrote the Foreword to Peter Noone’s photo book on Herman’s Hermits

Peter Noonenoone

Peter Noone on Visual Radio.   Joe Viglione opened for Noone’s band,
THE TREMBLERS at the PARADISE THEATER in 1980.  Around 2011 Joe wrote the foreword to Peter Noone’s book



The SaintsThe Troggs

Joe Viglione was A & R for New Rose Records and brought these two discs by The Saints and the Trogss to Atlantic Records, Arista Records, A & M and other labels in NY in 1992.


As a performer Joe Vig has the world’s record for performances at the Paradise Theater in Boston, 49!

Joe has played Great Woods, the Rathskellar, the Club in Cambridge, Cantones, Jack’s, Jaspers, Jumbos, Geno’s in Portland Maine, The Cantab Downstairs (1974), Club Bohemia (The Cantab Downstairs) 2012 and dozens of venues with hundreds and hundreds of performances.  A seasoned veteran of stage, the recording studio and television, Joe has produced dozens of recording artists including the rare Unnatural Axe EP which was re-released on Rhino/Atlantic as DIY MASS AVE


Joe’s own THE GUITARMASTER was the Record of the Year in 1978 (The Real Paper), and he was one of the first Boston area artists to get a half page spread in the prestigious CREEM Magazine (on the same page as The Who); was cited as one of the FIVE BEST BANDS in BOSTON by Playboy Magazine, noted as having the Record of the Month  in L’Attendant Magazine (Belgium), called “By far the best record of the month” in Phonograph Records Magazine (America), he has written an op-ed for Billboard Magazine, with articles in Goldmine, Discoveries, Radioworld, Replication News, Medialine, The Music Producer’s Journal (a Wayne Green publication), Musician’s Magazine Boston, Arts Media Magazine, Gemmzine, Artscope (edited the very first issue as well), The Beat, Fffanzeen, Preview, the Improper Bostonian, the Boston Globe, the Real Paper, hired to help out with the very first Boston Band Guide in the Boston Phoenix (1982 or so),  and is currently the chief film critic at TMR Zoo as well as writing for the U.K. zine Sabotage Times.

Unnatural Axe on Music Museum of New England


New Joe Viglione review of “Sunny” by Toots and the Maytals  July 21, 2013 4:22 PM


This two minute and fifty-four second rendition of Bobby Hebb’s “Sunny” is jam-packed with rock, reggae and a splashy psychedelic guitar, imagine Sly and the Family Stone in slow motion with a thought-provoking vocal and solid groove. The mix is terrific, swirling textures under a soulful lead vocal that brings this song into a wonderful new dimension.  With over 1400 recorded (and YouTube) performances it is amazing that Hebb’s masterpiece continues to find new flavorings and vibrations. The solid drumbeat here allows the backing vocals and rising instrumentation to weave an entirely new chapter for this familiar melody.  Captivating is the only way to describe it.

The Unnatural Axe went into Mission Control Studios in Westford, August 14, 1988.

There are four songs on 24 track 2″ tape – a new version of “They Saved Hitler’s
Brain” as well as The Mighty Ions classic “Big Noise” and two other titles.

While we taped the 4 multi-tracks THE AXE also recorded a bunch of music as if it were a live broadcast, running through the set quickly and efficiently. That is recorded through the 24 track SSL board and onto DAT tape. That is the Live album that will be released.

You can hear 30 seconds of “Tonight We Fight” from Boston Rock & Roll Anthology 14
here: Janis has covered Boston arts and events since 1972. In addition to this column, Hotline To The Underground, she is a freelance columnist for the likes of Bill Taylor’s Musician’s Magazine, The Auguste Pages, Ron Bellanti’s Preview Magazine, Outlet Magazine (U.K.), Prize magazine (Los Angeles), Ron Bellanti’s ROCKWATCH, New England Entertainment Digest, The Beat, The Real Paper (now The Phoenix) and too many other rags to remember. 

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