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October 20, 2020 airplay for Rob Benson, Pamela Ruby Russell, Dalia Davis, Jack Phillips and from Boston RR Anth 21 Mad Painter

I LOVE NEW YORK on Cox Radio Podcast along with Proud Soul Heritage

PROGRAM::::::::::Adam’s Nest-Subtitles For A Confusing Dream
Libertalia-The Words Just Get In The Way
A.J. And Tara-Believing
Cannon Beach-Upside Down
Kitoto Sunshine-Proud Soul Heritage (Bobby Hebb Cover)
Lisabel-A Work Of Art
E-Sentt-Good Again
Jack Phillips-I Love New York
Ballademaker-Space In My Soul
Mercede5-I Know I’m Into You
Secret Treehouse-Overrated
Basic Television-Fade
Black Hats-All We Ever Wanted
Stoneface Priest-I Cannot Breath
Vanilla Base-It’s Been So Long
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Airplay 8 AM or so 10-21-2020 Only Rock Radio
My Back Pages Dalia Davis / I Need You Rob Benson Only Rock Radio 10=21-2020
Counting Down from Zero on Boston Rock and Roll Anthology Chapter 21 Hear the song here: Track 11)Greg Walsh’s New Ghosts 3:18 Thank You @tiorr_2 @Only_rock_radio @ASCAP @SoundExchange @gregwalshnew #anthology #compilation #rock On follow @tiorr_3 to all the spins Listen now Counting Down to Zero (From 1) by Greg Walsh via @joeviglione on

Space and Time on Boston Rock and Roll Anthology Chapter 21, Track 2, Hear the song here: 2)Space and Time – Pamela Ruby Russell 4:28 @ONErpm Thank You @tiorr_2 @Only_rock_radio @ASCAP @SoundExchange

4:07 pm airplay Sunday July 19, 2020
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I’ve had the honor to represent Bobby Hebb, Alvin Lee of Ten Years After with Beatle George Harrison and Jon Lord of Deep Purple, Spanky and Our Gang, Marty Balin of the Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship, Ian Lloyd and Stories, Rusty Kershaw with Neil Young, John Mooney with Ivan Neville, Producer Rob Fraboni , Producer Jimmy Miller, Evangeline on MCA, Tesla on Geffen Records (the song “Signs”) Andy Pratt, Pamela Ruby Russell, Dean Petrella and The Complaints, Joe Black of Ball ‘n’ Chain, Phil Darosa, Matt O’Connor, Greg Walsh of Pop Gun, Alex Gitlin of Mad Painter, The Drive (now the Swinging Steaks,) Didi Stewart as well as Girls Night Out featuring Didi Stewart, X-Dreams featuring Deb Galiga, Jared, punk rockers Unnatural Axe, Karen DiBiasse’s Girl on Top, Jim Femino featuring Brad Delp of the band Boston, Horror writer Steven King’s band, Spirit featuring Randy California and Ed Cassidy, Australia’s Audioscam, Johnny Barnes, Ava Electris, Bruce Bennet and the Connection, Mobile Steam Unit, Feed the Kitty, Michael J. Roy, Jon Macey, Macey’s Parade, Steve Gilligan of The Stompers and Fox Pass, Ken Selcer, Jeannie Kendall with music from Harriet Schock, Slapback, Gear featuring Michele Gear Cole and Bill Gear with Jo Jo Laine, represented Jo Jo Laine and Denny Laine of Wings, Thrust, Gary Santarella, Ditto featuring Gary Santarella and Roger Kimball, Aaron Chase, Fire in the Field, Matrix produced by Jimmy Miller, Cowboy Mouth, Jesse and the Hogg Brothers, G.G. Allen, Empty County Band, Elsewhere, Positive Negative Man, WCGY’s Boston Music Showcase (1991-1993) – CLUB BOHEMIA, the Original N.E. Compact Disc and Record Expo, Charles Rosenay exposition …over hundreds of artists and companies in the past forty four years including restaurants and other corporate clients as well. Established in 1976.
Slapback with Michele Gear Cole
3D Boston Classic
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Dean Petrella and the Complaints
Mr. Fix It

Mr. Fix It. Mr. Fix It. Mr. Fix It you’re really alright.

You ain’t a drug and you ain’t a drink
Not a ghost in the corner with a knowing wink.
If it’s what’s inside that makes us strong
If you’re so right then you can’t be wrong.
Let’s sing it …

I mean it so sin-cer-e-ly.
You’re my best friend and it’s plain to see.
That without you I’d be in misery.
Mr. Fix It please stay with me.
Let’s sing it …

Mr. Fix It can fix anything.
Let it out and start to sing.
Take a bad day and make it right
Mr. Fix It you’re outta sight.

And if you feel like you can’t go on.
Just sing this song
It will fix you like you can never ever lose
Mr. Fix It – I thank you.

Mr. Fix It … Fix me! Mr. Fix It … Fix me now!

I feel so free.
Like I’m diving from a tree.
Like there isn’t any bottom and there’s no top.
Mr. Fix It I don’t ever wanna stop!

Mr. Fix It! You must persist it.
Mr. Fix it I can’t resist it. Fix me!!!!!!!!!!