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Joseph “The Count” Viglione
Love Songs Just For You (Self-Released)

By: Alex Steininger

Recording an album in 1985, and never releasing it, Joseph Viglione has finally decided to release that album, along with some bonus tracks. Mixing pop with a rock sensation, “The Count” releases thirteen tracks total, showcasing his musical ideas from 1985 to 1994.Self-proclaiming itself as an ‘alternative’ album, my first impression was that this tape was going to be someone trying to pass off a decade old album as ‘alternative’ so a bunch of mall shopping teens would quickly pick it up and earn some quick sales for the artist. But once I put it in, all suspicious were quickly drawn to a halt. The album is most definitely alternative. Choosing to stay away from both metal-rock and cheesy pop tunes that were common in the 80’s, it shapes itself with beautiful pop ballads.The songs are well-crafted, and considering most of their ages, stand out well amongst other soft-rock/adult contemporary numbers of today. The one thing that I hated about this tape though was the song “Joseph.” The line “he called me Joseph” repeats itself over and over again. Of course he called you Joseph, that’s your name! I kept shouting that at the tape player, hoping it would stop annoying me, but it didn’t. But once that song was over and another adult-pop number came on, my blood pressure began to lower and I was once again feeling relaxed.No matter what year the songs were recorded in, rather it be 1985 or 1994, each song fits well together and seemed as if it was a piece of the puzzle that was needed to release this album. Maybe that’s why the album took thirteen years to be released…Joseph had a gut feeling it was missing something. I’ll give this tape a B-.