11:11 PM February 16 2023

got in from watching Law and Order SVU and the Chris Meloni one, the “filming” on both, way too dark. SVU needed some balance, one of the weaker story lines (they’ve been pretty good, lately) and the “feel” not what has kept the audience coming back.


iF Peter Fonda took a time machine from 1967 to 2023 this would be the modern day version of that Roger Corman classic, the Trip. Quantumania is a loud roller coaster ride to get the audience down into the Quantum realm What the heck is the Quantum realm you ask? According to Quora.com, ” The quantum world denies the existence of anything. ” So anything goes. Disney/Marvel have to find a new frontier as they know that these blockbuster comic book films don’t all hold up to repeat spins. With 8 billion people on the planet it is easier to recruit new minds and eyes and ears to absorb the presentations rather than rely on repeat business from those who know the plot and have already enjoyed the experience. Kinda like a comic book that fans buy, read, and throw in a plastic bag and cardboard backing to preserve. But how many times do these ADD multitudes go back to read a classic? They are addicted and need new stories for each fix.

Quantumania is the new fix, and one – I might add – that may demand repeat spins because there is so much going on. And the film is simply great, more exciting (and original) than Avatar2: the Way of the Water.

Indeed, if Avatar brought the same old story over to the water – Marvel brings the Ant Man story into a different dimension, one that can lead to multiple storylines.

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