Secret Things / New Changes

Paul Norman has chosen my song “Secret Things” to be the theme of his new Uplift TV show. The Secret Things by Joe Viglione
The Secret Things 
Walk across the sky tonight
walk across it thinking   
how do I find you?   
Where do I begin?   
And you know there’s things I get for you, 
wandering, wondering
I could fall weightless through the sky,   oh, you gotta give me your hand   

 I HAVE FOUND THE SECRET THINGS   WE HAVE ALL THE SECRET THINGS   HERE ARE ALL THE SECRET THINGS   they take us far above, I still want to be with you
When I find the secret things,
it takes me all above,   
I still want to be with you  
Oh can you feel it now?   
Just let it persuade you as you feel it as it’s pouring through   
every fiber of your heart
(Every fiber of your heart) 
for it is the difference and it feels all so new  as it lifts your spirit – now there is nothing in the way   
we have found the Secret Things   
and we listen to all the secret things they say…   

I have found the secret things
We’re to know the secret things   
deep inside those secret things,   
they take us far above,   
I still want to be with you 
here are all the secret things, and 
they’re all coming down, all coming down to you  

I have known the secret things. I have seen the secrets things,   
we have found the secret things,   
it takes us far above,   I
 still want to be with you ….   
now we’ve got the secret things,   and they’re all coming down,   
all coming down to you as  long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are.

The Lost Album from Jay Couper, Scott Couper and Joe Viglione

Words and Music by Joe Viglione, ASCAP – Published by Var Music Publishing, BMI Arrangements, Jay and Scott Couper; Production by Joe Viglione, Jay and Scott Couper

Gustav Dore painting SECRET THINGS
Follow-up to New Changes from Joe Viglione
The original idea for Secret Things, the Sequel to New Changes

Follow up to New Changes

The thing about the New Changes album is that it was New Rose asking me to go back to my roots. So the album is fully my production, my concept, and spans many sessions over many years. It was #1 on Radio Crystal in France and New Rose was very happy with the result.

First 3 songs of the set, Follow You Back Home, Fallen Star and “Love, and the Flame”
I saw you long ago
Long before, I never really knew it
It was on a late night show
we heard about you at the 11th hour
Fallen star
catch him catch him catch him as he’s fallen fallen
fallen star
catch him ‘fore he hits the ground
We thought we knew you well
but you know, we never really knew you at all
and all the drugs at Chets
Is that what led you to the fall….

Fallen Star / catch him catch
Fallen Star Catch him Catch him for he’s fallen fallen

What are you going to do?
Now that Mercury can’t count on you?
(guitar solo)
Fallen star
catch him catch him catch him as he’s fallen fallen
fallen star
catch him before he hits the ground
fallen star
catch him fore he hits the ground
fallen star….

Return to the summer of 1985 when Joe Viglione, Carolyn Casey, Joe Mac, Joe Tortelli and drummer Sim Lee rocked the Causeway Street club every week! We were the house band at Chet’s Last Call. Here’s “Fallen Star” from my 1985 album released in Paris, France…NEW CHANGES. Words and Music Joe Viglione(ASCAP) Var Publishing Company (BMI)

Slipping into solitude

the look you gave me put me in a mood

you think I’m wrong but I conclude you’re to be mine

and when I see you it’s such a sin, you look so fime

IT’s the love…and the flame…one burns brighter but they’re both the same

a fortune in comfort / they were made to list

and dreams that come and go so fast, must be a sign