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listening to the Beatles rooftop concert …

It’s 1:26 pm on a Sunday, February 20, 2022, time is flying by. Guess we 1960s fans don’t hold on to the moments in slow motion as we did when teenagers. Truly appreciating these takes of the Beatles on the rooftop, Lennon’s magnificent voice, the compositions, truly unique and different, and they had a “sound” they couldn’t recapture on the solo discs which followed so quickly. All four Beatles had tremendous albums which succeeded Let It Be/Get Back and Abbey Road. The flavors were amazing, but their failure to realize what a blend they had with George Martin where even nonsensical tunes (“You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)”) had a magic.

Angel footsteps in the snow
Landlord did this five times now with warnings from the city about the sidewalks uncleared. One brave soul visited, thank you very much, though I said he didn’t have to, he did. Good people are always welcome at my abode.

Joe Viglione’s Cosmic Thoughts and/or commenting on the thoughts of others.

Chris Robinson from Alfred Hitchcock Hour …”Once someone gets you under their thumb, they never let you go.” JV Feb 19 essay:

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Dividing Wall, S 2 Ep 9, Dec 06, 1963 Chris Robinson’s character “Once someone gets you under their thumb, they never let you go.” Philosophy Part 2, follow up to Fri 2-18-22 essay… I got a Valentine’s Day card some years ago, the person writing “Two people in love…” Yet I wasn’t in love with this individual, someone I liked. Pushing the love trip on me pushed me away. It – actually – puts you in a bind when letting a relationship grow, or at least trying to let the relationship go forward. We could have become a couple but the other person was jealous, not playing it cool, and I went out and found someone else. Then take platonic friendships. My friendships are where they need to be for both parties, the comfort zone. When people, and I find in my life especially women, decide the friendship is here or there without informing me, you or the lamp-post, it isn’t a friendship. The line in the Hitchock drama from 1963 stands out, Robinson playing Terry with the cliche’ words of wisdom “Once someone gets you under their thumb, they never let you go.” When the friendship becomes so one-sided that you realize it that it is not working for you, extricating yourself from people who have been in your life for a very long-time – yet who aren’t holding up their end of the bargain – is extremely difficult. Is it working for you? That’s the big question, isn’t it? It seems to work for them. The day O.J. Simpson was acquitted – October 3, 1995; 26 years ago – a woman I met at work in 1974…twenty-one years of my life – asked me to move her apartment. It’s an enormous job for one person, and you don’t even get a dinner out of the deal. It’s slave labor. She had been leaning on me the day I met her, and after all these years I was worn out. Her drug addiction was out of control and please don’t tell me “How could you get involved with a substance abuser…” when I met her at work she was smart, attractive and hip. Then she started coming in to work on methaqualone (Quaaludes.) Of course we always attempt to help these damaged people, but – honestly – I’ve never seen an individual as obsessed with quaalude as she was. She put a broom through her window, called the police on the father of her child, and threw him in the slammer for the night. She lied. Getting away from her was hell, and when I attempted to civilly distance myself from her there were threats, verbal abuse, and harassment. It was ugly. Once I got her out of my life for good she repeatedly tried to get back in. They are incredulous that the time together is over, and they think you are mean for getting out of Dodge. With every phone call I made it clear: it was over. Worn out friendships, or acquaintances …platonic, or lovers, or dating partners …whatever, at a certain point you realize that in order to find happiness and settle down with who YOU want in your life, these divorces – of sort – are essential. Like the blocking mechanism on Facebook. Stay with the good people in your life ….rescuing alcoholics and drug addicts is way above my skill sets. Au revoir. Have a nice life, please take me off of your Christmas card list. Love studying film and TV Excellent scriptwriters work hard to come up with gold nuggets. I take my hat off for their hard work, and use it to inspire essays drawn from my life experience Today’s thoughts garnered from the television set re-runs. The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Dividing Wall, S 2 Ep 9, Dec 06, 1963

Joe Viglione

Fetbur6uauryns c18 at o852:821ie52 AdMff4a  · Shared with PublicAt 18 years old hearing Lou Reed’s work with Bowie, and re-listening a half a century later, the project remains masterful … yer going to reap just what you sow. Galatians 6:7 “You reap what you sow” is a well-known idiom, but this principle is also Biblical. God said to Moses, “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live.”Deuteronomy 30:19. Life is full of choices. My friend Jo Jo would often bring up “the psychic vampires.” People who make a deliberate effort to ingratiate themselves to you, and then in subtle ways put you down and make you feel badly. Extricating yourself from these sad people isn’t easy. You try to nicely walk away and they lash out at you, revealing their true selves, their only power is to continue to try to guilt trip you over your decision to back away from individuals who a)are not looking out for your best interests, b)interfering in your ability to have a good life. To be blunt, Joan Jett says it in “fake friends.” The important question for each person is “What about me?” You have a right to break it off with people who add toxicity to your life under the guise of being your “best friend,” yet throwing you down every chance they get. They cannot comprehend how hurtful their barbs are, all the while being needy, obstinate and hurtful. There is no “perfect day” with psychic vampires attempting to drain your life essence. Sometimes the only way is “cold turkey” and just walking out the door. When they throw rocks and blame you and call you “abusive” for keeping yourself sane, you know you did the right thing. Friends, real friends, honestly welcome you in and keep the emotions and tangible things in life 50/50. The psychic vampires know how to take, giving is foreign to them. IN their delusions they create a fantasy of being part of your life while simultaneously working on making you miserable. You have the right to evaluate if someone adds to your life or subtracts from it. Most of a drug or alcohol problem or severe OCD and taking Lou Reed’s advice, at least for me personally, it’s being around people who bring a smile to my face. You have that right. Just be absolutely sure that it is YOU who are sowing what you want to reap, and not letting strong personalities make the choice for you. To be continued.

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