Nedra Tally Ross of The Ronettes TOURED with Bobby Hebb and the Beatles on August 12, 1966!

Nedra Ross of The Ronettes toured with Bobby Hebb and the Beatles on August 12, 1966, 54 years ago today in Chicago…here’s my review of Nedra (don’t call her Diana) Ross! on AllMusic:

Hear Full Circle here:

AllMusic Review by Joe Viglione  [-]

Full Circle is a difficult album by Nedra Ross, formerly of the Ronettes. On one hand, she gave up show business for the Lord, yet show business is the biggest selling point here — the information about Ross’ time with the legendary girl group, a reprint of an article from the November 1968 Ebony magazine, a photo of Ross with Ronette Estelle Bennett and Beatles John Lennon and George Harrison, a reprint of the “Be My Baby” disc label — all on the inner sleeve. If the Lord is displeased with the borderline deceptive advertising, He may be less pleased with the music inside, as Ross and her producer/husband Scott create an album with less inspiration than her God-given talents deserve. “Gonna Keep My Mind (Stayed on You” is a funky Chaka Khan-type tune with religious overtones. “Unchanging Love for You” is pretty enough, but there is something about the lyrics that make the song awkward. The Bible talks about praying in secret, and God may be more happy with an artist singing pop tunes that brought her fame than forced musical statements about Him — and fans would be more pleased not to have to endure the preaching. When Dan Peek left the group America for fame and fortune as a Christian artist, he was blatant about it. Christian rockers Stryper had celebrity on their mind, yet the former Nedra Talley says here that she recorded Full Circle to make a statement. The best statement this artist could make, the best use of her God-given gifts, would be a solid gospel album or the popular music she was blessed to sing. The title track on Full Circle, “Unchanging Love for You,” “I Know I Love You,” and “Lean on Me” are the best tracks here. (“Lean on Me” is not the Bill Withers tune; the hook is actually stronger, and the performance is superb.) It is too bad the rest of the album does not equal these performances. Backing vocals and horns swell under Ross’ expressive voice, creating some magnificence that is missing on most of Full Circle.

Nedra Ross FULL CIRCLE album with Beatles’ photos!
August 12, 1966 first night of the Bobby Hebb /Beatles / Ronettes / Cyrkle / The Remains tour in Chicago

Another Full Circle review, the CBS artist produced by my good, good friend Wayne Wadhams

My review of the band FULL CIRCLE produced/engineered by good friend Wayne Wadhams AllMusic Review by Joe Viglione

The Allen Weinberg cover of this CD features a beautiful photograph by Chip Simmons showing fields, a mountain reaching up to fluffy white clouds against a blue sky, and a young girl holding a white Hula-Hoop above her head. This cover is a good reflection of the instrumental sounds recorded in Studio A of Boston’s Berklee College and mixed at Rainbow Studios in Oslo, Norway. The music of keyboardist, arranger, and composer Karl Lundeberg is pretty and mellow. Anders Bostrom’s flute glides alongside Philip Hamilton’s percussion and use of voice as an instrument, especially in the third track, “Croton Drive.” Producer Wayne Wadhams, who had a hit in the ’60s with his group the Fifth Estate, is known for getting a sparkling clean sound, while allowing the group members to be themselves. He’s the perfect complement to this five-piece group. Their performance on “San Sebastian” is smooth and inspired. If Enya performed with Edgar Froese, it might sound something like this subtle but intense series of compositions.

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