Esoteric Diaries Sunday 6/20/21

It’s the summer solstice at 11:30 pm or so tonight. Here’s the Moe Tucker 45 we released in 1980, a song the velvet Underground had recorded but released years after we put this classic out there for the world.

Lonely Oak Radio June 20, 2021 Thought About You

thanks to Lonely Oak Radio for spinning Thought About You 9:17 AM Jun 20, 2021 #sundayvibes #SummerSolstice2021 @SteveGarnett20 Thought About You from #BostonRockandRollAnthology21 #CountViglione #BostonRockandRoll @rranimaltour @lspinna @gregpaquette5 @WhiteLightArts #LouReed #StarTrek #CaptainKirk #ScienceFictionRock @PunkBlowfish

Cator Web Radio June 18 Thought About You

Good Music Radio Double A Side Can’t Wait to See You Smile

June 20, 2021

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