Jack Phillips “I Love NY” / Greg Walsh “Mr Fix It” / Joe V’s Wave Descends / Daphne Armone “Sunny”

WCCA viewership bigger than most college radio
thanks so much Stefano T Really appreciate it jv https://worcester.vod.castus.tv/vod/?video=51665ba1-493c-4cdb-bec9-00e714750075&nav=programs%2FSound%20Check

Episode update, new show (that will feature “I Love New York” by Jack Phillips) premieres on WCCA TV this Monday 8th of June, Channel 194 in Worcester and streams on wccatv.com 

Show schedule for Sound Check is : 

Mondays   – 11:30 PM
Thursdays – 9:30 PM 
Fridays      – 7:00 PM

Episode details:
Sound Check #40 – Local Mix 12

Track-listing (artist / song):

1. Jack Phillips – “I Love New York”

2. JATK – “How I Feel Inside”

3. Paddy Mulcahy – “Monomania”

4. Greg Walsh’s New Ghosts – “Mr. Fix It”

5. The Intuition Element – “Wave Descends” Joe Viglione

6. Daphne Armony – “Sunny” ( Bobby Hebb cover )

Running time is 23 minutes and 36 seconds

WCCA TV channel 194@WCCATV13WCCA TV is a public access TV station and community media center in Worcester, Massachusetts.Worcester,MA wccatv.com

both photos joe viglione june 3, 2020

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