1:20 pm April 20, 2020

Flower 5:18 pm 4-20-2020 (C)JoeViglione Photography

Your daily Boston Rock & Roll pop culture. Our Keyword for today is ROBUST Welcome to Monday, 20, 2020 of April, enjoy the numbers as you won’t be seeing that date again for centuries to come. I believe Genya’s June 9, 1995 letter was regarding the Anthology #19. We are doing plenty of publicity during COVID-19 and want to thank Only Rock Radio and Lonely Oak Radio for playing Mad Painter. We’re also thankful for Only Rock Radio playing “Space and Time” by Pamela Ruby Russell and “Counting Down to Zero (From One)” by Greg Walsh’s New Ghosts. Follow the information on my Twitter https://twitter.com/JoeViglione

Joe Viglione’s BIOGRAPHY of Genya Ravan on AMG https://www.allmusic.com/artist/genya-ravan-mn0000165261/biography

We were in residency at Cantones (Love and Flame) and later at Chet’s Last Call (Dimension Ten)
5:18 Monday 4-20-2020 Photo Joe Viglione (C)2020
rare Marty Balin disc on Varulven….

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