Varulven Records Legal Defense Fund!

Our Preservation of Boston Music is Key to New England Music History

We have been swindled by a scurrilous individual and have countersued for Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars. Pleae help with our legal bills.

Varulven Records is “Boston’s Original Rock Label” ™ In 2018 an individual contacted us about purchasing the “ephemera,” paper goods. He started taking master tapes, dozens of Varulven Magazine #1 that he was not entitled to, he ransacked the Varulven storage units, and then sued the small but vibrant independent label for $5,000.00 out in North Adams, Massachusetts so that the elder owner of the label had to trek out to Western Massachusetts on multiple occasions. The label filed a countersuit for $25,000.00 which is being heard in court as you read this. Varulven needs to hire a good, strong attorney to fight the malicious activities of the malicious person who took our property and then sued. Clearly, he was trying to get the label to default to abscond with the copyrights as well. Varulven Records is an important independent label with over 30 compilation albums which have chronicled the history of Boston Music since 1976, and we intend to release many more with rare and exciting finds in our vaults. For donations over $30.00 you will get Richard Nolan’s “Track Dog” 45 RPM and a copy of the new, critically acclaimed Boston Rock and Roll Anthology #21. The person who took our items without cataloguing them as promised and without the honor to work with the president of the label claims to have “… taught American studies, American history and the history of religion at leading institutions such as Williams College, Bennington College, and Emerson College. He (claims to have) held research fellowships at the Warburg Institute, and the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, and the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. Bennington College.” We trusted that individual because of his alleged credentials. His malicious suit has cost us time and money that could be spent on future projects. This is a real heartbreaker and our important indie label needs your help. We have documented the New England Music Scene for decades and that scurrilous individual has broken our momentum, broken our spirit, and interfered in our important work. Do NOT let Varulven be swindled by a selfish individual attempting to hijack and defame our legacy. This suit is also important so that other record labels and historians are not taken advantage of by a smooth-talking swindler who wants your intellectual property and who will sue you after he breaches contract and reneges on the deal. This is an important case which can prevent further historians from being abused by a petty street hustler. Judge Judy wanted the case and would have settled it, but the violent man would rather threaten an elder person in a storage unit than settle. His objective is to hijack our precious materials. He is a snake oil salesman, not a historian and we need your help to hire legal counsel to protect our valuables. We so appreciate any donations and will send you a gift of a recording for helping out this righteous cause. Thanks!

Thank You

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