Boston Rock and Roll Anthology Chapter 21 PREVIEW

Compilation Engineer: Kenny Selcer Mastered by Rob Fraboni

CD Conceived, written and produced (as well as Rob Fraboni biography)

by Joe Viglione

Rob Fraboni grew up in southern California in an Italian family that included some accomplished musicians. Beginning a musical career as a drummer in a local band at the age of 12, he hitchhiked to Hollywood just three years later at 15 with many home recordings under his belt. The future industry executive quietly observed recording sessions at the renowned Gold Star Studios, which involved key artists and producers of the time, including Phil Spector. He moved to New York City in 1971 and attended the Institute of Audio Research under the tutelage of educator Al Grundy. There, Fraboni fused a previous knowledge of electronics with recording and studio techniques, developing his unique engineering and production style.

1)Everything But Peace – 3D  3:42                                                               3:42

2)Space and Time – Pamela Ruby Russell 4:28   =                                     8:10
You Tube:

Spotify  Space and Time
Spotify Space and time link: spaceandtimespotify
YouTube Space and Time link youtubespaceandtime

3)As It Is     Karma Car with Heidi Jo Hines     4:25                                     12:35

4)Downtime  The Complaints   4:37                                                              17:12
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5)Faraday – Phil DaRosa 5:56                                                                       23:08

6)Daydream  On Notice    4:20                                                                      27:28

7)Guardian Angel (Radio Edit)      4:37  radio edit version                            32:05

8)Until the End 4:09 – Empty County Band  (Steve Kuchinsky, ASCAP)      36:14

9)Blackenstein (Instrumental) – Joe Black 4:26                                            40:40

10)Table Scraps – Tom Mich Jr 3:04                                                             43:44

11)Counting Down to Zero (from 1) – Greg Walsh’s New Ghosts 3:18         47:02

12)The Letter – Mad Painter  2:56                                                                49:58

13)Monster Joe Black 4:22                                                                           54:20

14)Skeptical (2:55) – Empty County Band (Steve Kuchinsky, ASCAP)        57:15

15)Walk Through Fire  – Pamela Ruby Russell  4:28                                   61:43

Spotify Walk Thru Fire: You Tube

16)Love You  – Kitoto Sunshine Love      2:39                                               64:22

17)Who’s Foolin’ Who? – Karma Car    5:03                                                69:25

18)Dalia Davis   Eleven and a Half   2:52                                                 77:47

19)Thought About You  Joe Viglione  with Gold Dust 2:58                        72:23    

20)Rock Star    Matty O                                               2:22

OPTIONS: Bonus Tracks NOT on CD
The Rolling Stone   Matt O’Connor   2:32                                            74:55

Kitoto Sunshine Love  Proud Soul Heritage    3:51                             81:38 Bonus track not on CD

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